Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I pick up an order the same day I place it?
    Unfortunately, no. We are a small kitchen and take many different orders that are time intensive so we are unable to complete same day orders. 48 hours notice or more gives us just enough time to make your items perfect. The only exception to this rule is cupcakes as we make them all day everyday! We just need at least 2 hours notice.
  2. Do you have gluten free cakecups? If so, what are they made with?
    Yes! Our delicious GF cupcake is made with corn starch, tapioca starch, rice flour, and xanthan gum (among other ingredients that actually make it taste good, promise!)
  3. What hours do you take special orders?
    We take special orders Monday-Sunday between 10 am 5 pm. If you call after 5 pm and leave a voice message that will not count within the 48 hours because a team member will not be able to take the order until the next day so please plan accordingly!
  4. I want a dozen cakecups but am open to options on flavors, should I place an order?
    You can! But we have lots of different cakecups available at the store, you can go in and check out what looks best and walk out with your treats in hand.
  5. I left a voicemail of my order, can I just come pick it up?
    You need to actually speak to someone from our team to confirm your order so unfortunately, that’s not possible. Any voicemails left with orders cannot be confirmed until you speak to a live person and they take your payment information.
  6. What constitutes a special order?
    Special orders are anything that would not regularly be at the store. Cakes, whole pies, whole quiches, etc. If you are hoping to have a certain amount of a certain type of cakecup or a large order, we recommend placing an order for those to guarantee the ones you want will be there waiting for you! Customers can not place a special order in store or it can not be fulfilled in store. It must be placed by calling our special orders line.
  7. Do you make wedding cakes?
    We do! Decorations are limited but we are able to make a wedding cake from any of our cake flavors. It is a two-tier cake with a 7’ top tier and 11’ bottom tier. The cake serves roughly 50-60 people and costs $325.00.
  8. How big should I cut the slices of cake?
    Slivers! These are dense, rich cakes that are truly satisfying. You don’t need a huge slice to satiate that sweet tooth of yours.
  9. How many people do your whole pies and quiches serve? Cost?
    8-10 people. Pies are $42.00, with an additional $10.00 refundable pie plate deposit. Whole Quiches are $38.
  10. Do you deliver?
    Yes, we are now offering delivery. We only deliver to certain zip codes. All delivery orders require a 48 hour advance notice.
  11. Can you do screen printing, different shapes, or decorations on the cake I’m ordering?
    We let the flavors and textures of our cakes speak for themselves! Decoration options are very limited and we do not have any capabilities for putting pictures on the cakes.
  12. What’s a minimum for a special order?
    For cakecups, cookies, bars, etc. we require a minimum of 12 to be able to do a special order. For cakes, quiches, pies, etc. one is the minimum.
  13. Can I order coffee to go?
    You can order a Joe 2 Go to fuel a group of 15. Keeps your coffee warm for 2 hours and comes with 8 oz. cups, stirrers, sugar packets, napkins and creamer packets. The cost is $30.00.
  14. How much time do you need to place a special order?
    At LEAST 48 hours. We can sometimes accommodate but we are generally busy and cannot take on too many last minute requests.