Special orders are advance orders for baked goods, hippie crack, cakes, and pies taken with at least 48 hours notice. Orders can only be placed from 10 AM- 5 PM Monday-Sunday, by calling 703-663-8727. Please note we have a very high volume of calls and work through our voicemails as fast as possible!

  • Email specialorders@bakedandwired.com if you have any questions. We do not accept emailed orders.
  • We now offer delivery.
  • There is a one dozen minimum order for each item you are ordering. Cakes, pies, quiche, and breads are only available for order by the whole.
  • For orders of 72 or more cakecups, “baby” cupcakes are available for $3.60 each (for orders under 300 you can choose up to 3 flavors, for orders of 300-600 you can chose up to 6 flavors and you must order at least a dozen of each flavor chosen). These are about 3/4 the size of our regular cake cups!
  • We are not affiliated with Postmates or any other delivery service.  All orders must be placed through our website or specials order line. We are not responsible for any order placed through Postmates or the like.
  • Customers can not place a special order in store or it can not be fulfilled in store. It must be placed by calling our special orders line.
  • No order is final unless you receive an email confirmation from us. Please check your confirmation email to ensure your order is correct.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQ page for more answers.