We limit the amount of cakes that we can produce on a daily basis as we are a small kitchen and cakes are extremely time-consuming to prepare. Call the kitchen to place your order with at least 48 hours notice @ 703.663.8727. Our cakes are dense and rich, so slice thin! Limited decoration options are available.

6 inch [feeds 6-8] $55.00
8 inch [feeds 10-12] $65.00
9 inch [feeds 14-16] standard size $80.00
10 inch [feeds 20-24] $95.00
11 inch [feeds 35-45] $130.00
Wedding cake [feeds 50-60] $325.00

All cakes are three layers and circular in shape. 

Chocolate Cake
with vanilla buttercream
with vanilla buttercream and raspberry filling
with chocolate satin frosting
with chocolate satin frosting and raspberry filling
with chocolate satin and vanilla buttercream filling
with pink buttercream frosting

Vanilla Cake
with vanilla buttercream
with pink buttercream frosting
with chocolate satin frosting
with espresso buttercream
with chocolate satin and latte buttercream filling

Coconut Cake
vanilla cake
with vanilla buttercream, layered and covered with coconut
with vanilla buttercream, layered with raspberry jam and coconut and covered with coconut

Strawberry Cake
cake with fresh strawberries folded in the batter
with a pink buttercream frosting
with a chocolate satin frosting

Red Velvet Cake
deep red cake with cream cheese frosting

Carrot Cake
spiced cake with carrots and pecans and cream cheese frosting

Lemon Cake
with lemon buttercream
with raspberry filling and lemon buttercream
with lemon buttercream and coconut between the layers and on the sides

*We can make most of our cupcake flavors into cakes.

*We will note and take care if there is an allergy, but we cannot guarantee there will be no cross contamination.