When is Baked&Wired open?

We are open 8am-4pm Sunday-Friday and 8am-6pm on Saturday. We are closed on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. For irregular hours, please check the home page of our website as well as our social media.

How do I place an advanced order? This option requires 72 hours notice. If you are within the 72 hour window, the site will not allow you to place the order.

  1. Select “Advanced Order” on the side bar navigation
  2. See “Address” and select “Edit.” Enter your address.
  3. See “Shipping Method” and select “Edit.” Select whether you’d like delivery or pickup
  4. See “Delivery Date and Time” and select “Add” Select your date and time or delivery or pickup
  5. Click on “Shop.”
  6. You will then be guided to a page with our baked goods offerings.
  7. Add to the cart and hit the back arrow to go between pages.
  8. Checkout the cart : enter your billing and shipping information and confirm our terms and conditions.

How do I place a same-day order?

We offer same-day orders based on our current in-store offerings. Choose pickup or delivery (note that the delivery range is limited and may be rejected if you are not in our delivery window). This will be available within 2 hours.

  1. Select “Same Day Order” on the side navigation bar.
  2. Select “Order for Today.”
  3. You will be redirected to the Toast order page.
  4. Select your items, whether you’d like pickup or delivery, and check out your cart.

Why don’t you offer Grubhub or a third party delivery service?

In addition to charging you fees, Grubhub takes almost our entire profit from each sale. Also, we have no control over the quality of products once they arrive at your door, which reflects poorly on us.

Instead: Go to the “same-day order” page on bakedandwired.com and “online ordering” page on abakedjoint.com and choose “pickup” for free, and “delivery” always for a flat fee of $5. This means we still get you baked, but on our terms.

What products do you have at Baked&Wired today?

We bake on rotation so we cannot guarantee any particular baked good. Check out our “same day ordering” page to see what we currently have in-stock!

Why can’t you deliver to me?  

We have a limited delivery radius in the DMV. If your address was not accepted upon check-out, then it is out of our delivery range.

What is the advanced order delivery window?   

Our delivery window is between 10am-2pm. We are not able to adjust this window. If you’d like an earlier or later window, please select the “pickup option.” If the delivery window does not show on the date you desire, it means we have sold out of this time frame. In this case, we suggest either selecting a different day or opting for the “pickup” option.

What is our advance order pickup window? We have two windows – 9am-12pm and 12pm-4pm. If a window does not display on the date you selected, it means we have sold out of this time frame. 

Can I pick up earlier or later than my window? Your order will be ready for pickup as early as the time slot you selected and available until the store closes for the day (for example, if you chose the 9am-12pm pickup, it will still be available until the store closes).

Can I choose a smaller delivery window? We work with a courier service so there is no way to choose a smaller window as they have many deliveries they are making that day.

I have a nut allergy – which products are safe to eat?

If the product has nuts, it will be written in the description. We take allergens very seriously and take all efforts to avoid cross-contamination. However, know that nuts are used in our kitchen and we recommend that if you have serious allergens you should avoid our products.

Can I order a cake, wedding cake, quiche, or pie?

No, unfortunately we do not offer these products at this time and we are not able to make exceptions.

Do you offer custom cupcakes?

No – we do not offer custom cupcakes – that includes custom frosting colors, custom design, custom sprinkles, or writing. We only offer our regular selection of cupcakes.

Do you offer bulk discounts?

No – a lot of work and love goes into each and every cupcake so we are unable to offer discounts in bulk.

Why haven’t I gotten a call back?

We no longer use our phone service nor check voicemails. Please check these FAQs thouroughly for answers to your questions. Or you can email us at info@bakedandwired.com and we will return your message within 1-2 business days.

I want to place a large advanced order – the site is not allowing me to enter in the large quantity that I’d like.

We’d be happy to help you! Please email us at info@bakedandwired.com with more information.

I’d like to order “mini” cupcakes:

We do offer mini cupcakes (well, they are actually 2/3 the size, not exactly “mini). We require them to be ordered by the dozen with at least 3 dozen total and each dozen has to be the same flavor.  They are the same price as our regular cupcakes because they are just as labor intensive and a special order.

If you’d like to order the mini cupcakes, you can still place the order through the “advanced” order page, and just forward us a copy of the confirmation to info@bakedandwired.com and we will change the regular size cupcakes for the smaller size ones.

I’d like to order bulk of a product or request special packaging:

Please email info@bakedandwired.com and we will assist you.